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Helping You Show Off Your Heritage

We offer high-quality clothing, accessories, and gifts to help represent your country of origin. Many of our items can be customized to include your name, and we offer apparel for 30+ countries. This makes our products perfect for individual ex-pats or heritage groups and cultural organizations. Check out what new items are available for your country!

Our Story

When you’re living outside your home country, reminders of your homeland carry a special significance. A favorite dish, a person speaking your language, or a piece of music can give you a nostalgic taste of home. Depending on where you live, you may find these special reminders to be increasingly rare.

We realize how valuable these memories are, and we’re here to help keep them alive and strong!  We’ve found that wearing symbols of our culture makes us feel proud, and we love connecting with people who share in our heritage. To share that feeling with our fellow expatriates, we founded Geardurr - a store where you can find clothing and accessories that shows off what you’re proud of. 

Our Mission

We’ve been grateful to offer others a way to express their cultural identities and to show pride in their heritage. We’re always happy when our custom apparel spark conversations between strangers who might share a cultural background or country of origin. We aim to provide products that inspire new connections, strengthen existing bonds, and inspire joy for those who wear them.

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